Saturday, January 28, 2006

Emule:The best way to download your favourite files

Stop using Kazaa,Morpheus,Limewire or Imesh.They are infected with adware and viruses

Emule is a better and a safer way to download your favourite files

1) Download Emule from the link ( and install it on your system.

You will need a good list of servers to find and download your files.Please follow one of the following ways to update your server list in the Emule client..

Manual Update:
1) Start Emule client
2) Go to and update your Emule client using the three links provided.

Auto Update on Emule startup
1) Start Emule client
2) a) Click on the Options tab.
b) Click on Server.
c) Enable the check box for "Auto-Update server list at startup" .
d) Click on the "List.." button and add the url in the pop up notepad.Save the notepad and exit the Options box after clicking on "OK"

Happy Emuling !!!

Get a 2 Gb Hotmail Account

1) Log in to your Hotmail account
2) Click on Options and Personal Information
3) Make the following changes in the "Home Location" Section
a) Country/Region:United States
b) State: Florida
c) Zip: 33332
d) Time Zone:Eastern Time-EST
4) Save your changes and go to
5) Enter your Homail ID click on Submit.
6) You will soon receive an invitation to join "Windows Live Mail" email in your
Hotmail Inbox.Click on "Join Now" and get a free 2Gb account.