Saturday, January 28, 2006

Get a 2 Gb Hotmail Account

1) Log in to your Hotmail account
2) Click on Options and Personal Information
3) Make the following changes in the "Home Location" Section
a) Country/Region:United States
b) State: Florida
c) Zip: 33332
d) Time Zone:Eastern Time-EST
4) Save your changes and go to
5) Enter your Homail ID click on Submit.
6) You will soon receive an invitation to join "Windows Live Mail" email in your
Hotmail Inbox.Click on "Join Now" and get a free 2Gb account.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure the link in your post isn't an email harvesting trick?

Sharjeel said...

Be rest assured ,the link is genuine and is from Microsoft.
You can find a link to that page from

Aaditya said...

pls tell me that, can the microsoft block my mail id when it comes to know that it's hotmail had been done to 2Gb illegaly and also can i change the personal details again to my original one.


Sharjeel said...

All I can say is check the MSN "Terms and conditions".

Anonymous said...
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